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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome Battle Boutique. For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of some common questions and answers. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us and we will be happy to find an answer for you.

What type of items do you accept?

Battle Boutique has found that there are a number of items that have been battle tested to bring comfort, peace, and encouragement. This list is in no means all inclusive, but here are a few examples: camisoles , hats, scarves, headbands, wigs, front zip or button pajamas, lanyards for holding drain tubes, prosthetics, earrings, pillow wedges, and shower seats.

Will you accept monetary donations?

Yes. Battle Boutique is currently looking to raise funds to rent or purchase a facility that will fully encompass our mission of creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for cancer patients to visit and shop for both new and used battle wear. (Link to donations will be provided soon)

What is Battle Wear?

Battle Wear is clothing or items that can be worn or used while a patient is enduring cancer treatment/therapy or recovering from cancer treatment/therapy.

Is Battle Boutique only for those with breast cancer?

No. We realize that we may not have a wide selection at the moment, but Battle Boutique is designed to assist and support all cancer patients.

What sets Battle Boutique apart from other cancer boutiques or cancer resource organizations?

Battle Boutique is in the process of being a stand-alone boutique for cancer patients or loved ones of cancer patients, to shop for items that are wanted or needed while battling cancer. 

Battle Boutique will offer both new items and items donated by other cancer patients or their family members, for resale. 

Battle Boutique will provide battle wear at a lesser cost than what can be found at the cancer boutiques that are located within hospitals. 

Battle Boutique will be a place designed for the needs and wants of cancer patients. 

Battle Boutique will not only be a place for cancer patients to shop, but the hope is that Battle Boutique will offer a comforting environment, so cancer patients can feel a sense of community when they walk into the boutique. 

Our vision is that Battle Boutique will be a growing community, and as each patient beats cancer, they feel a desire to help others and to give back.

What are your hours?

Currently, Battle Boutique operates under appointments only. Once we reach our funding raising goals, our hope is to open a boutique that will operate under consistent business hours.

To schedule an appointment, please use the link under the Hours/Contact Us section of the site.

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